The Consultant with Pink Hair E-Book - by Cal Harrison (200 pages)

The Consultant with Pink Hair is the fictional  story of Andrew Braun and Lou Di Angelo, partners in a management consulting practice struggling with the real life challenges of being just another consulting firm in a crowded marketplace. They battle low margins, late nights responding to crazy RFPs, confusing branding advice, and the pressure of too much revenue coming from one big client--and the disaster when that client walks away.

This 200 page business novel was a McNally Robinson best-seller and is quickly becoming a business book favourite.

"I have to say that this ranks up there in terms of business books that I would recommend to someone running an agency or consultancy. Most business books are dry and formulaic. This book is formulaic and you don't mind because it's an easy, enjoyable, educative read. I wish more business books took this approach."